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Original Wood Floors Inc

Original Wood Floors, Inc is a family owned and operated company serving customers in the Florida Keys, Miami, Broward and Palm Beach for more than 20 years. We have a great experience on hardwood floors installations, refinishing and repairs. We certainly believe that everything must be about you “the customer”.

Our main goal is always exceed our client’s expectations and make sure everyone is satisfied at the end of the process. While always trying to make every transaction as simple as possible, our main priority is constantly improving our services from complicated installations and repairs to the simplest job.

Wood Flooring Installation

The type of installation and materials your home needs is determined by your home being on a concrete slab or having a plywood subfloor. The two main ways of installing are referred to as a nailed down or a glued down installation. Each are effective and have their own unique qualities that make them particular to the type of subfloor you’re installing on top of.

Wood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood floors add beauty and charm to any home. A hardwood floor that is scratched, dented, or excessively worn can take away from the attraction of a home and even decrease its value. Floors naturally become scuffed and fatigued over time. From dirt to high heels, UV sun exposure to your pet’s untrimmed nails, your hardwoods durability is sure to wear over time.

Hardwood Floor Repair

When your hardwood floors get damaged, one of our experienced professionals can help you repair them the right way. Water damage, Fire damage, chipped boards, dented boards, cupping, cracking, or warping, we can fix it. Our team can make your hardwoods look new again. Matching an older floor to your new repair area takes skill and requires intensive labor.

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