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About Us

Original Wood Floors, Inc is a family owned and operated company serving customers in the Florida Keys, Miami, Broward and Palm Beach for more than 20 years. We have a great experience on hardwood floors installations, refinishing and repairs. We certainly believe that everything must be about you “the customer”.

Our main goal is always exceed our client’s expectations and make sure everyone is satisfied at the end of the process. While always trying to make every transaction as simple as possible, our main priority is constantly improving our services from complicated installations and repairs to the simplest job.

Become a regular customer and you will be offered special prices on all your projects. Serving the South Florida area for more than 20 years has given us prestige and an impeccable reputation which we think should be the most important things to accomplish when serving customers.

Well, all we can ask you is to give us a call whether you are planning on doing a new hardwood floor project or you want to repair or maintain an existing floor. We will show you not only our competitive prices and professionalism, but also will provide you with our expert advice an unconditional support.