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Hardwood Floor Repair

Hardwood Floor Repair:

Specialized Hardwood Floor Repair In South Florida

Your floors experience years of abuse from everyday living. Water damage is common in areas near exterior doors, and scratches or gouges may appear over time. If the scratch is large enough it may affect the overall appearance of the floor and need to be repaired. There is only so much you can do to protect your floors, and sometimes before you can begin to refinish you need to repair!
Original Wood Floors, Inc has set itself apart from other companies in the wood floor repair department. With extensive work on restoration projects in South Florida residences we can handle almost any repair job necessary to blend new material into existing floors and make it almost a perfect match. Sometimes a matching result isn’t possible if budget and timing are an issue. This is a good option in most cases to avoid a complete tear out. We can repair the area affected without losing the “look” of the floor. Again bear in mind we always do our best and the best way to get the results you seek is to be clear about them upfront!

What We Do

  • Assess the damage and best approach for repair
  • Remove only the required floor pieces to complete the repair
  • Use specialized techniques to get a near perfect match to your exists hardwood floors
  • Install replacement flooring pieces

Benefits of Repairing Wood Floors

  • Avoid the costly and time consuming process of complete floor replacement
  • Keep the character for your home
  • Help insure the quality of your refinish job
  • Aid in elimination of moldy or contaminated