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Wood Floor Refinishing

Wood Floor Refinishing:

Specialized Hard Wood Floor Refinishing In South Florida

Miami and the surrounding communities have some older homes that incorporated beautiful real wood flooring when they were built, however, over time the finish dulls or becomes scratched. We offer refinishing services including the multi-step sand down where we will take your flooring back to the original raw wood, stain and clear coat it. You can choose to refinish your flooring in the same or a different stain color. If you simply need a touch up, we can provide you with a sandless refinishing process where we buff the wood floor and add a new clear coat on top. Remember, sandless refinishing isn’t a complete floor refinishing but more like a re-sealing of your existing finish.
Whether you’re looking to restore wood flooring that originally graced your home or add new hardwood floors in an entry area or throughout, the professionals at Original Wood Floors, Inc are passionate about their work. Our guarantee assures that your project will be done with the utmost professionalism and dedication from design through completion. Call us, your professional flooring contractor at 786-587-6443.